Free Web Design Offer

free web design offer50 FREE WEB DEVELOPMENT OFFERS FOR 2016

Our annual free web development offers has just begun.
It’s time to get online with the right corporate dignity. Your organization is too vital not to have a presence on the internet or to be placed in the midst of internet junks just because they are offered free.

2016 offers is even bigger and better in-line with new developments in the web technology industry. This offer is targeted at lecturers, schools, churches, private organizations, companies, associations and NGOs

Package Features includes:

  1. Web design with annual management.
  2. Free Nigerian Domain name
  3. 1000MB all feature enabled hosting server space
  4. Annual update during renewals.
  5. A responsive design that is compatible with all devices and browsers.
  6. Live link to all published academic papers if applicable.
  7. Site linked with Facebook, Twitter and other social media
  8. Search engine optimization for better ranking
  9. Free listing on Google, Yahoo, Ding and Ask.
  10. One year free consultation

Free Add-On:

  • Dynamic media gallery for schools if needed.
  • Functional blogging system if needed.
  • Client support ticket system if needed.

Paid Add-On:

  • Lesson and Assignment Management System for the academia.
  • Membership System for Association and NGOs.
  • Payment system for businesses.

We will redesign your existing website and host you on one of the best servers in the world. When your website is hosted and managed by us for 3 years it will be qualified for a total redesign at no cost.

We also handle your updates for all managed clients free at every period of renewal. One year free hosting is applicable to all categories of websites either small or big.


N15000 for basic fully managed hosting.
Addition fees shall be charged if content is more than 5 text pages.

For bigger, dynamic and interactive websites, clients shall be given appropriate cost after project analysis.
Please know, that keeping your website up on the internet is an annually renewable responsibility.


Offer is on “first come, first served basis

Simply prepare your details following this format:

  1. Name of your organization:
  2. Contact Details
  3. Contact Name
  4. Prepare a detailed profile of your organization under the following titles as applicable to your organization.
  5. Send to us a scanned copy of your organization Logo or the original design copy file from your computer.
  6. Send your details or details by email and any accompanying images in file type. (in .jpg, .gif, .png) to


  • This is a fully managed website offer – meaning we build and manage fully.
  • Hosting fees for the second year are standardized and not negotiable.
  • We do not accept scanned content or information.
  • Only scanned pictures and logo are acceptable.
  • Contents must be typed out and sent directly by email.
  • Your website shall be designed and hosted in average of 1 weeks except where otherwise stated after project assessment.
  • Any request for additions to your project after valuation will automatically invalidate initial costing.
  • Once we begin the development of your project we may not accept any additions.
  • Other additions will be accepted under updates.


All clients shall pay their hosting fee as a mark of commitment to the project.

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